Sunday, February 18, 2007

Here We Go Again

It's been a bit quiet on here recently, well yes, we all had New Year to get over first! However, all has not been quiet in the world of the whip.

Firstly there was the potentially controversial move of the first Nottingham whip of the year to the weekend of May 25th/26th. No objections have been posted but we are waiting for confirmation of the accommodation arrangements, hopefully a large bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day has helped ease the request through...

Secondly a proposed Sheffield whip looked doomed due to a clash with the World Snooker Championship, our usual hotel was fully booked, a more expensive alternative has been secured, but this does have the added advantage of being even closer to our usual destinations. The weekend of April 27th/28th will see a Vodka Whip visit to Sheffield's Casbah, Corporation and Lord Nelson, DJs please dust down your copy of Forever Young for us.

Finally the legend that is Danny Vaughn is starting to announce tour dates. So far this has thrown the possibility of a live leanback at Dudley JB's into the equation on Saturday May 12th. There is a club after the gig so Mr T is proposing a hotel overnighter, early indications of interest from the fellow whippers may be necessary to secure the accommodation required. Sadly a double header on this occasion is not possible for Mr T due to an earlier booking for Bryan Adams on the Friday evening!

So a month full of Vodka Whips and cock rock looks on the cards, gentlemen start your emails please!