Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vodka Whip On Tour

So a venture out for a mini-whip in Sheffield this weekend, research has generated a veritable list of suitable venues with the Dove & Rainbow and Casbah favourites for Friday night with D&R, Lord Nelson and Corporation the likely haunts for Saturday.

Just don't tell the hotel we are smuggling vodka in!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bon Jovi

Cock legends Bon Jovi play the O2 Arena (Millennium Dome to the uninformed) on Sunday June 24th. This happens to be the very same day that Aerosmith play Hyde Park so Vodka Whip suspects an even more "less than rock" oriented crowd than usual for the New Jersey outfit.

Still will be a good gig, indoors too. So if you decided not to go to Aerosmith then get yourself tickets when they go on sale on Friday 9am.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tour Dates

There are a variety of Vodka Whip endorsed tours due in the next few months.

Firstly Danny Vaughn himself treks around the UK in May, Mr T is hoping to get down to London for this (Camden Purple Turtle 8th May), although the originally suggested trip to Dudley JBs on the 12th is now looking less likely, but could still be persuaded... Check out the Danny Vaughn website for full dates.

Motley Crue sleaze their way into Hammersmith Apollo on June 11th, day before Mr T's birthday so he will be there for that one then. Only other dates are at Download on the 9th and Manchester Apollo on 12th.

Mr T is also off to Bryan Adams, Wembley Arena on May 11th, Aerosmith, Hyde Park on June 24th, Thunder, Chepstow Castle - June 30th.

Thunder tour again in November/December, Mr T has plans to see them in Narwich and London, full tour dates on Thunder Online

Reminder that the Nottingham whip is on the weekend of May 25th/26th. The mini-whip in Sheffield is set for April 27th/28th.
Hoping for promotion for Forest and Yeovil (but in reality it will probably only one of them), promotion to be denied for Birmingham and Derby (although again one of them will make it), and relegation for Sheffield United, to maximise the potential dates for whips for next season!


So the insanity was rather a good idea in the end.
What am I talking about? Well my trips to Europe to see a couple of gigs. Firstly to the Matrix in Bochum, Germany to see Thunder, a great gig, good club in the venue afterwards, and barring getting off at the wrong station on the way back to the airport a smooth trip. (Oh and the rather quicker than anticpated landing back at Stansted!) Because of the amount of travelling time involved I didn't get much time to look around but managed to squeeze in a museum based in an old mine in Bochum which was nice.

Then just this week I went off to Graz in Austria to see Therapy? at the Orpheum. A nice little venue, and another great gig. No support and an early finish were a little strange, but still good and well worthwhile. Had a couple of days to look around and Graz is a really beautiful city, lots of good looking young ladies as well, so it was all good, well apart from being woken by doors banging in the hotel when I'd only had 3 or 4 hours sleep after being out until 3am.... I found a bar that had rock and metal playing, mainly with the videos on the screen as well, on Wednesday so went back after the gig on Thursday as well.

It was good to have a chance to chat with the members of both bands after the shows, thought I was too old for autograph hunting but what the hell makes the trip that bit more special, got some photos as well so may post them up when I get them developed (or maybe not as it will reveal my identity!)

So I'm looking out for more gigs when I am on holiday in the summer, these European trips are fun! For the moment I'll have to look forward to the usual round of gigs in London, but the Thunder show in Chepstow Castle should be a good one too with the unusual setting and a town I haven't visited before.