Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Ultimate Vodka Whip Band....Ever

Here it is, the ultimate Vodka Whip band ever created. Not only playing some of the finest cock rock tunes crafted, but also featuring members of Vodka Whip endorsed bands, including the King of the Gods, the one and only Danny Vaughn!

They are The 80's Rocked! band. They are playing the Cambridge Rock Festival on Thursday 5th August, one whipper was ecstatic to discover that CAMRA members can get in free on the Thursday and is still to be revived, although this may also be down to mixing his real ale and vodka again...

However, this is the band that any whipper needs to see. They could only be better if they included Forever Young, Don't Treat Me Bad, Dirty Love and Bang Bang in their set, sadly though all those were released in the early 90's.

Tour dates follow in October and November:
26th October, Moho Live, Manchester
30th October, Hall for Cornwall, Truro, Cornwall
31st October, Central Station, Wrexham, Wales
4th November, Central Theatre, Chatham, Kent
5th November 2010, Epsom Playhouse, Epsom, Surrey
6th November 2010, Corn Exchange, Cambridge
15th November 2010, The Journal Tyne Theatre, Newcastle
16th November 2010, The Robin, Bilston, West Midlands

This whipper needs a lie down, the excitement is too much!