Sunday, November 25, 2007

Excellent Gig Photos

A young lady by the name of Trudi Knight is fast developing a reputation as one of the best gig photographers around. As her work features many bands endorsed by Vodka Whip, including photos from the recent Hard Rock Hell, we felt it was worth providing a link as there are some top quality shots on her website.

Some of Trudi's work can be found at Bands On Stage. Go and check it out, currently featured bands include Aerosmith, Thunder, Hanoi Rocks and Quireboys.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tyketto - Madrid Sala Heineken - October 26th 2007

So an intrepid Whip member headed off to Madrid to see the first of the final four Tyketto shows ever.

The fact it is the end is a sad prospect but determined to enjoy this final flourish I endured an 8 hour delay to the flight out in good humour, even resisting the temptation to spend the whole of the £10 delay allowance on vodka, well hunger had struck by that time!

Finally arriving in Madrid at 2am on Thursday morning I got to a rather disappointing hotel about 3, it seems it wasn't the one I had booked, they own 3 hotels all with the same name and I'd managed to end up in the dodgy one, still it was near the city centre which was good.

Not a good start, but determined to make the most of it I headed off to the Royal Palace on Thursday morning, followed by the wax museum, then a fruitless search for a bar playing rock in the evening, so decided to have a couple of drinks and save my energy for the main event.

Friday saw an excellent trip to the Bernabau Stadium, well worth a visit plus some other sightseeing then it was time to head to the venue. A fair sized queue had already gathered and had grown significantly by the time the doors opened. There was already a fair crowd by the time the excellent Jorge Salan hit the stage, it is a shame it seems that he doesn't have any plans to tour further afield, if you do get a chance check him out.

So to Tyketto, and after the dramas of the previous 2 days this hour and a half made it all worthwhile. The set list had been influenced by the fans, and it was indeed a treasure trove of Tyketto gems. A quick fire trio of Nothing But Love, Rescue Me and Wings set things off to a flying start, some locals seemed surprised by the dancing by the Whip member in the middle of the crowd 4 rows back (yes me), but as the classics rolled out they let their inhibitions go and joined in!

Danny sang Catch My Fall, Meet Me In The Night and Strip Me Down, he wouldn't have had any shortage of offers to do all 3 from the fine number of attractive Spanish senoritas in the crowd. Appropriately with the clocks going back The End Of The Summer Days was next up, followed by a semi-acoustic version of Jamie and then the excellent Burning Down Inside.

A double of Walk On Fire and Seasons followed before a quartet closing the main set which began with "new" song Til The Summer Comes, well it's an old demo that has been remastered and features on The Last Sunset Farewell 2007 CD - available now from the Tyketto website, but it's new listening for the fans. Followed by Strength In Numbers, the seminal Standing Alone and ironically they left the stage to Sail Away.

Obviously there was a major omission, and after one of the loudest encouragements for an encore (I think we've become a bit used to the fact that bands always come back for an encore in the UK), with the crowd singing Ole, Ole, Ole, some Spanish that even I could join in with, they duly returned. Picking up with The Last Sunset, they, of course, finished with Whip anthem Forever Young, and I finished with an even hoarser voice than I started after singing and dancing my way through the set.

Couldn't have been better, I suppose if I'm picky I would have liked Lay Your Body Down to be in there, but that really is being picky, it was the best gig I've been to in some while, shame it will be the last time I will see Tyketto, at least Danny will be touring with his own band and I'm sure the odd Tyketto track will make an appearance.

The end of the summer days, the last sunset and the end of Tyketto, the cock rock world will be burning down inside.

Mixing vodka and Red Bull can be deadly, warn experts

This article in today's Daily Mail warns of the dangers of mixing Vodka and Red Bull. Of course Vodka Whip is prepared to step forward and volunteer for extended secondary research into the claims made.

Certain members of the Whip hope to be able to report that they have been taken advantage of sexually in the very near future, but instead they suspect that they will be able to report that there must have been serious flaws in the original research. Call themselves experts, they didn't even ask us!

The date for the next whip has yet to be confirmed, look out for details, rumours that T-shirts emblazened with "I've been drinking Vodka and Red Bull, take advantage of me" have been ordered are greatly exaggerated, but it sounds like a good idea.