Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some fine "Waist-ies"

A fine shot of the Quireboys in top notch waste-coat orientated stage wear.

Although I seem to recall a fine selection of leather and suede waist costs once adorned vodkawhip members I believe that they are now a rare sight indeed and can be considered to be on the stagewear endangered list.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Vodka Whip venue destroyed: Edwards No.8 is no more

This is a post to mark the passing of the Edwards No.8 that was burnt down at the weekend. Of the 500 revellers inside, all were evacuated safely.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that if we had been in there after a full pre-match Vodka Whip build up, then the charred remains of numerous aging rockers may have been found, their feet still nailed to the dance floor in a rough circle leaving just enough room for a hip rotation to allow a full 5 player lean back.

Think Pompeii on August 23, 79 AD.

The search for a new venue will begin in earnest. However, we hope to be able to return to Edwards No.8 before too long. We wish the management and staff of the Edwards all the best in their quest to restore theis fine venue to it's former glory.

See below for the full news story.

City nightclub destroyed by fire

A major fire has destroyed a busy nightclub in Birmingham's city centre.
Five hundred people had to be led to safety as the blaze took hold in the early hours at Edward's No.8 club.

Ten people were treated for minor injuries but firefighters, who praised nightclub staff for their actions, say all inside the club escaped.

Up to 50 firefighters tackled the blaze and prevented flames spreading to nearby apartment blocks. Structural tests will be carried out later.

About 25 firefighters remained at the scene in Lower Severn Street on Sunday.
Building evacuated.

Sub divisional officer Gary Yendell, of West Midlands Fire Service, said: "Considering that 500 people [were inside] I think it's a very good success story in terms of the evacuation.

"And that is down to the training of the door staff and the management."

People in city centre apartments watched the drama unfold

Fire crews were first alerted to a fire in a men's toilet at the club at about 0110 GMT, and appliances from across the city were called in.

It was initially feared that clubbers could have been trapped in the burning building but it was later determined that everyone inside had escaped.

One eyewitness, who lives in an apartment block close to the scene, said he could see flames and smoke shooting from the roof of the club.

Rabinder Bhachu, a BBC employee, said: "I was woken by the noise of the fire engines, as well as the smell of smoke coming into my building.

"The club is between two streets, and there seems to be flames coming from either side of the building. It does seem to be spreading."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

TV Guide - Vodka Hour

Trailer for Dom Joly's Happy Hour reveals that this week's edition was filmed in Russia and centres on their finest export.There were near riots when vodka production stopped, luckily Vodka Whip were able to source supplies from other Eastern block countries. As for the inhabitants of the country who consume the remaining 80% of the world's vodka? Well you might just have to watch Sky One on Tuesday 14th November, 9pm to find out.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blog migration


The blog has been upgraded to Blogger Beta.

This means we have additional functionality but at a cost of having to sign into a google account.

The password is the same as that for the (our email account that we can use to post emails to each other if required).

The main benefit and the reason for migration is that we can now use labels. I suggest the following:

1. Rock - for music related posts
2. Vodka - for drink related posts
3. Football - for football related posts
4. Whip - for gathering and historical whip related posts
5. Fruits - for gambling related posts
6. Other - for anything else that takes our fancy (like this post).

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Roar with the "Lions"

I have just noticed a glaring omission from the rock band listing.

No whip is ever the same without the Tramp and Churchman doning some quality stage wear.

To whet the appetite:


A link to White Lion Forever has been added to the side bar.

Wait, wait................

Autographs and some very very fine denim suits that Gwar would be proud of.