Saturday, October 13, 2007

Whip On Tour!

Next weekend the whip comes to London, an unsuspecting hotel in a secret location has been booked and discussions are underway as to which club will be visited on Saturday night.

Any rock clubs playing suitable music that want to host a whip visit and receive free publicity on this blog please get in touch, an offer of free entry will never be refused!

You may be wondering why the lack of review from the last whip, well mainly this is due to the shock still felt after 2 of the whip stalwarts were refused entry to Rock City, not once, but twice (happily they eventually found a way in). After frequenting the venue for nearly 20 years we were disgusted at the attitude of the door staff, basically just because they weren't wearing a black T-shirt and don't have the long flowing locks of yesteryear (well curly locks in one case) they were not allowed in. Rock City, you should be ashamed. We still love you but...SORT IT OUT!

Danny Vaughn - In Pictures

Some images from the Danny Vaughn gig at The Purple Turtle in Camden, thanks to John Rayner for these.