Monday, May 28, 2007

Nottingham Whip 26th May 2007

The first full whip of the year took place this weekend in Nottingham. Although this was billed as a main whip many months ago, sadly two members could not be present. One member was lost through feeble excuses, the other through an extremely absent minded holiday booking. It is noted here on the blog that both reasons are not acceptable! Anyway, the proceedings started on the Friday (the warm up night) with a trip from the suburbs into Nottingham centre. Firstly a visit was made to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, a fine public house which soon became the scene of blasphemous events. Upon entry one member of the party was openly ripped by the slightly stout Yeoman of the bar for wearing nothing other than a Tyketto T shirt. The heretic (aging dinosaur rocker) then launched a verbal assault on Danny Vaughn himself, together with a general rubbishing of all acoustic guitar music. Whilst the pub is both an unusual and interesting venue, it clearly is the home of unbelievers and should be approached with caution. Following a drink we moved onto the Salutation Inn. Upon entry, the ground floor was found to be a standard Nottingham establishment, however up stairs was a haven of rock. Friday night was Karaoke night, and much was talked about entry to sing a 'cock rock' number to the full audience of the Sal. Wisely and due to insufficient vocal ranges, no entry was made.

The Saturday saw the full whip proceedings, following a visit to a local building of historic interest. After the full appreciation of a bottle of Skyy vodka by the members of the whip (coupled with the usually caffine based energy drinks and 'cock rock' DvD), the party moved to Nottingham, starting this time with the Sal. Once again the upstairs was a rock haven, although this time with no Karaoke. Following a swift visit to the Tap 'n' Tumbler, entry was made into the city of rock. Music was varied but did incorporate a reasonable amount of 'cock rock' enabling the members to indulge in the usual ludicrous dancing and total loss of self respect. During the evening contact was made with an indirect whip victim of some 15 years ago. Whilst this individual did not attend the whip, they did have the (mis)fortune of meeting the whip members post whip, joining in with the drinking throughout the evening. This was the last time the individual was seen for 15 years. The mystery was solved however, when the facts were established. Following a collapse, hospitalisation and being 45 times over the legal limit, the individual involved was advised not to drink for a number of days unless death was desired. They then avoided alcohol for a number of years. This is clear evidence of how important the whip is in preparation for a night of binge drinking. One other notable event was the trial of a new Tyketto dance. Whilst still in development a new synchronised dance emerged incorporating many complex maneuvers requiring both concentration and agility. Further choreography is required, but early indications are that this new development is a direct result of extensive brain cell damage due to vodka abuse.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Whip a Week Early?

It would appear the whip may have been staged a week early. Check this poodle rock extravaganza out, it even has a link to a 'Forever Young' cover:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Nottingham Rock City - Is it still rock?

A crisis has hit Vodka Whip towers, it was bad enough when news reached us that our beloved 80's/90's rock had been cornered into one Friday night a month. But now it seems that while the main rock/alternative night is back on a Saturday, there is a lack of the hair rock we worship.

This is grave news as it may threaten the frequency of future visits to the spiritual home of the whip, so we need YOUR help...

If you are reading this the chances are you found our page thanks to a mention of one of the rock bands we love. If you have visited Rock City in the last few months, please post a comment or email us ( to tell us what the chances are of hearing those bands on a Saturday (or indeed Friday if our info is wrong) night.

Your input will be very much appreciated, for information leading to a successful whip visit we'll buy you a drink (vodka based of course) in Rock City itself.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hair Metal Quiz for popularists

Although there is a shortage of good c**k rock bands in this quiz there is still a fair smattering with Poison and Cinderella making appearances.

Name that hair-metal band!

Anything less that 10/12 is a disgrace and more revision is needed. Get out those old albums or click on the links on the sidebar of this rock and vodka based blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mr B on lead guitar....

Is this Mr B wielding his axe?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pure Gold 2 - Danny Vaughn @ The Purple Turtle, Camden - 8th May 2007

So what can I say the great man produced another stunning performance in London last night, despite some technical problems afflicting, in the main, guitarist Tony Marshall. Can't see the likeness to Mr T myself. Dante Fox were very good, well worth checking out, and T-shirts at a bargain fiver you can't go wrong!

Suspect the set-list for the Vaughnster was very much the same as the previous night, it was indeed finely crafted blending the best of Danny's "solo" career with a smattering of Tyketto classics. Too busy dancing to write a set-list myself but songs that I can remember off the top of my head (although it is entirely possible I may be confusing one or two with listening to the CDs earlier in the day, confirmation would be appreciated from anyone else that was there), anyway they include:

From Tyketto: Burning Down Inside (which some idiot then called out for later in the show), The Last Sunset, Seasons, Meet Me In The Night, The End Of The Summer Days, Wings and of course the mighty Whip anthem, Forever Young.
From Vaughn: Is That All There Is, Shadowland, The Voice, Haunted, Was There A Moment.
1 cover: Cold Sweat
And most of the excellent new Danny Vaughn-Traveller album.

Fantastic gig, wish that Dudley was more feasible this Saturday, really needed to book a hotel much sooner I suspect, although temptation still lives until Saturday is gone!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pure Gold from Danny Vaughn - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 7th May 2007

Today (8th May) working has been a struggle due to the effects of a a gig, a few pints and a late night. This struggle was worth it as last night the Miester Danny Vaughn put in a storming performance at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham. Dante Fox must be mentioned at this point as they too performed strongly in support. Following 30 minutes or so from the Fox, Danny and band played a long set (some 1 hour 45 minutes). The show opened at a blistering pace, not pausing between the first three songs for applause. After a finely crafted set incorporating a fine mix of Vaughn numbers from all three albums, focusing on Traveller, the new release, blended with a substantial number of Tyketto classics, the crowd were brought to a near climax as Danny and co finished with 'Wings' before the encore. Following a sort pause, Danny and band returned for a few more numbers, closing and climaxing the crowd on what else but the legendary 'Forever Young'.

An additional bonus was that Mr T (sporting some additional head cover) was seen playing lead guitar along side the great man himself. A publicity photograph is shown below which although shows some resemblance, is nowhere near as good as the 'lookalike' factor in the flesh, which I have to say was remarkable.

Mr T's stunt double

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sheffield (Whip on Tour) 27th April 2007 - Sheffield Casbah

The Casbah is a decent venue, the fact that it was located in the same block as our hotel being an unexpected bonus on this occasion.

The unusual aspect about this club is the bar upstairs that feels just like, well a bar, the room downstairs is very much a club style room though. We were surprised to find that this room wasn't open when we arrived a little after 11pm. A number of the rockier elements of the clientele were looking slightly uncomfortable in the bar with a selection of indie style music filling the air.

At 11:30 the barrier was opened and the Whip contingent were the first down the stairs, straight onto the dancefloor for Extreme's Get The Funk Out. The music early on was of suitable whip style, later on the heavier side of rock was merged in although a few tracks still enticed us on to the floor.

Notable other attractions included the young lady with the flashing sign, yes I would have bought you a drink if you hadn't made a mistake with your grammar!, and the young lady giving her boyfriend an entertaining lapdance. A fine selection of vodka based drinks was on offer at reasonable prices.

A slightly early bolt for the door was instigated by one of our number, provoking a ripping from the security on the way out. Still with the lack of energy on Saturday morning anyway, it may have been wise...

All in all a fine venue, a slightly higher proportion of cock rock in the DJs collection wouldn't go amiss though!