Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Naughty Naughty Christmas

Whilst watching some appalling television this Christmas I saw a bit of the film 'Santa Clause 2' (I know - don't laugh). Almost could not believe my ears when I thought I could here the dulcet tones of Danger Danger in the films soundtrack. Anyway, a small amount of research has indeed revealed:

"Naughty Naughty Christmas"
Written by Bruno Ravel, Steve West (of Danger Danger)
Published by Bumming Fog Music & Get in Your Mouse Music (BMI)
Performed by Danger Danger
Courtesy of Low Dice Records and Kramden Enterprises Inc.

Unadulterated c*ck in a kids film, who would have thought it!

If you want to hear it see the myspace link below:


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Homage to Danny Vaughn - FOREVER YOUNG

Check this but perhaps not at work - please come hear to listen to the dulcet tones of Danny Vaughn and to practice those leanbacks.

A quality post I trust you will agree and finely sourced.

No screen licking boys - I know you want to.

Thunder Christmas Party @ Rock City

So after seeing Thunder at the Planet Rock Xmas party the previous night, I assumed that at least some of the songs would feature in the sets at their own bash 24 hours later, how wrong I was. A packed house at Rock City, every vantage point was quickly taken, including all the way up the stairs to the balcony, anybody staying too long in the pub found themselves stuck towards the back.

As billed they played 2 sets, the first lasting 50 minutes was acoustic and then after a short break they returned for a full on electric set, which itself was just over an hour and a quarter. The crowd were in good form, and the vibe was bubbly, hello to the people I met from Worcester, and those I met again from previous Thunder gigs, there is a real community feel at a Thunder gig, if you've never been make the effort it is well worth it...

Again they were superb, the only 2 songs that were played the previous night were current single "The Devil Made Me Do It" and the title track of the current album "Robert Johnson's Tombstone", both featured in the electric set. Also on the setlist were the likes of "She's So Fine", "Fly On The Wall", "Today The World Stopped Turning", "Shake The Tree", "It's All About You", "Stand Up", "Don't Wait Up" and many more including a number of covers such as "Band On The Run", "Play That Funky Music" (which they have recorded in their own right as well of course), and finishing with a festive double bill of "Happy Xmas (War Is Over")" and "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day". Iwish I could remember every song off the top of my head but there were so many crammed in that I can't pick them all out right now.

Looking forward to getting the free CD, will bring back happy memories.

So off to see Iron Maiden tomorrow, will be a little bit different! Trivium are supporting and have just booked tickets to see them next year so hoping they are as good as the hype.

Have a good Christmas and a rockin' New Year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Is this Mr B with a cap on?

Check this YouTube video. This is just for Mr B and Mr G our resident axe men. Top tune though.

Planet Rock Christmas Party - Thunder

I was one of the lucky winners of tickets to the Planet Rock Christmas party at the Carling Academy, Islington last night. Really just a free booze up upstairs for the invited VIPs and a gig with a couple of giveaways for the rest of us. The "Welsh Totty" cheated her way through the competition for the PLanet Rock anorak, we didn't mind too much, and nor did the DJ, as she provided a great view of her arse while doing so! "Nice bloke Steve" won the anorak, despite the cheating, the crowd were supposed to shout the answers not write them down for you Wendi! Geordie Dave also provided entertainment by hecking the DJs then getting up on stage for the karaoke to win himself an anorak that looked like it might be a bit of a snug fit on him...

Worth going just for the superb Thunder, a fantastic set from them, as always, even if it was a little shorter than they played on the November tour. They included the current single "The Devil Made Me Do It", with mass sing-a-long but without the crowd singing competition featured on the tour. Other songs featured included Loser, River Of Pain, Low Life In High Places, Love Walked In, You Can't Keep a Good Man Down, Love Walked In, Back Street Symphony, I Love You More Than Rock N Roll and of course the traditional set closer Dirty Love. Sadly I didn't win the Gibson guitar in the draw afterwards so trundled off home, no free booze for me either.

Looking forward to seeing Thunder again tonight at their own Christmas show at Nottingham Rock City. Will try to post details if I get the chance.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Message from DV

Yes the composer of the whip anthem "Forever Young" has been in touch, the one and only Danny Vaughn is amongst the recent visitors to www.vodkawhip.co.uk

"That brings a smile to my face, as did your web site. Man, we all have embarassing hair pictures from our past, don't we?
All the best for the holidays, "
Danny Vaughn

Rock City Regular

Slightly off topic, I happened across a picture of one of the usual rock city regulars;

Or is it Mr B? Remember he only cut his hair off to hide the grey, looks like he's been growing it back ready for the next whip!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

MR T in Max Wall guise

Not the best resemblance but good Max Wall shots are hard to find.

Mr R is traditional pose ala "Bitter and Twisted"

This is the traditional Mr R pose and hand position although Mr R can usually be photographed giving the taker the bird.

As an interesting aside it is impressive to see how well our very own Mr R has fared when compared to the well known Mr R impersonator who goes by the name of Jani Lane.
Time has been cruel.

The conclusion - Mr R should keep his hair long and keep off the cakes.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mr G - I am sure I have seen this shot before somewhere

An impressive pre-rock city pout for the camera.

Mr T after a recent appearance on never mind the buzzcocks

Sightly more realistic representation than previous Mr T photos. I think the Klingons might be preparing for an invasion of earth in protest at the accuracy of the previous competition entries.

Comedy Value (or should that be Value Comedy)

Dr.E in his comedy days, including a shot with his faithful sidekick. Note the "looking thoughtful" pose much appreciated in his academic career.

Mr R very recent 2006 photo

I have tried to find the most recent photo of Mr R instead of relying on historical shots and have come up with this photo of the rock legend leaving his house on the way to work.

Mr B late 1990's early 2000's

During Mr B's pie eating years...

Mr T with his Dad or it is Mr T with his son?

Mr T in daywear.

Note Mr T (Mr B's stage name) helps prevent confusion with Mr B from Yeovil.

Mr G mid to late 1990's: Uncanny

Whilst I orginally thought the other Mr G photo was in fact the real thing, I then came across these two shots that must have been taken during a pre-rock city whip (hence Mr G striking a pose).

This an artists impression of Mr G. so if he ever goes AWOL we can issue the police with the following:

Mr B in the late 80's

Think he is having a bit of a tantrum here, or maybe it is a drumming session. Think these were taken whilst on tour with David Lee Roth in Leicester.

Nice shades! Nice Outfit!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Room for the Changing Dr E

I simply demand victory with these! Photos of Dr E whilst working on the popular BBC programme 'Changing Rooms'. I don't think I really need to comment further. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

The photo opportunity pose (fit for an IKEA catalogue).

The Rodinesk - Dr E The Thinker (surely must be a real photo of Mr E)

Dr E's Passport photograph.

Mr E (pre DR) circa 1992

Found a reasonable resemblance to Mr E from the golden age circa 1991, could do with a touch more of the Quireboys look but not bad. Think these were taken whilst Mr E was a member of the band 'White Lion'. Still grabbed from the song 'Love don't come easy', quite apt for the heartbreaker himself. Has added bonus of a bare chested Mr B in the background. Strange, can't remember Mr B bare chested with a leather - can only remember the dirty shoes!

Dr E - Previous career when pretending his Dr status was medical.
Many's the time he tried the "I'm a practicing gynaecologist, I'll take a look" line in the fabled halls of RC.

Mr R - 1970 to current day

The 1970 gag is cheap but I think that getting ones face on the front cover of the premier rock magazine for under 15's is an impressive achievement.

This second picture is a post rock-city shot with standard babe on arm. This is usually what Mr R looks like when ordering food from the Brazier.

For 100's of simlar Mr R related pics check out the link below - sweet as "cherry pie" dig it!

Warrant classic Photos

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mr T - in full stagewear early 1990s to current day

I claim the first post of Mr T. The goatee beard looks a little unrealistic and lets down an otherwise perfect photo.

Mr G - mid to late 1990's

Surely this IS a photo of the "old" Mr G?

Look-a-likee Competiton

As we near the Christmas period it is time to lighten the mood after the sad demise of Edwards no.8 and launch the "vodkawhip" rock look-a-likee competition.

So turn to your internet sources and post the pictures of any figure, past, present or fictional that most closely resembles one of the 5 members of the "WHIP".

In this first entry I am going for "contemporary" and getting TWO members in one go. Mr. G (far right) and Mr. R (tall one second from right).