Thursday, November 02, 2006

Roar with the "Lions"

I have just noticed a glaring omission from the rock band listing.

No whip is ever the same without the Tramp and Churchman doning some quality stage wear.

To whet the appetite:


A link to White Lion Forever has been added to the side bar.

Wait, wait................

Autographs and some very very fine denim suits that Gwar would be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. How could they have been left out? Sacrilege! I will have to beat myself with a plank of wood for the next 24 hours in penance.

Anonymous said...

Wise words - I hope said plank had a large 6 inch nail in it.

VodkaWhip said...

Mike Tramp's hip gyration and thrusting in the video for "Wait" would have put a lesser man into a wheelchair.