Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mr E (pre DR) circa 1992

Found a reasonable resemblance to Mr E from the golden age circa 1991, could do with a touch more of the Quireboys look but not bad. Think these were taken whilst Mr E was a member of the band 'White Lion'. Still grabbed from the song 'Love don't come easy', quite apt for the heartbreaker himself. Has added bonus of a bare chested Mr B in the background. Strange, can't remember Mr B bare chested with a leather - can only remember the dirty shoes!

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VodkaWhip said...

I can't remember the two of us being in White Lion, but then there was a lot of Vodka going around at the time. I was under some strange fantasy were were studying for degrees in Leicester at the time, not playing bare chested cock rock to stadiums full of screaming girls.