Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thunder Christmas Party @ Rock City

So after seeing Thunder at the Planet Rock Xmas party the previous night, I assumed that at least some of the songs would feature in the sets at their own bash 24 hours later, how wrong I was. A packed house at Rock City, every vantage point was quickly taken, including all the way up the stairs to the balcony, anybody staying too long in the pub found themselves stuck towards the back.

As billed they played 2 sets, the first lasting 50 minutes was acoustic and then after a short break they returned for a full on electric set, which itself was just over an hour and a quarter. The crowd were in good form, and the vibe was bubbly, hello to the people I met from Worcester, and those I met again from previous Thunder gigs, there is a real community feel at a Thunder gig, if you've never been make the effort it is well worth it...

Again they were superb, the only 2 songs that were played the previous night were current single "The Devil Made Me Do It" and the title track of the current album "Robert Johnson's Tombstone", both featured in the electric set. Also on the setlist were the likes of "She's So Fine", "Fly On The Wall", "Today The World Stopped Turning", "Shake The Tree", "It's All About You", "Stand Up", "Don't Wait Up" and many more including a number of covers such as "Band On The Run", "Play That Funky Music" (which they have recorded in their own right as well of course), and finishing with a festive double bill of "Happy Xmas (War Is Over")" and "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day". Iwish I could remember every song off the top of my head but there were so many crammed in that I can't pick them all out right now.

Looking forward to getting the free CD, will bring back happy memories.

So off to see Iron Maiden tomorrow, will be a little bit different! Trivium are supporting and have just booked tickets to see them next year so hoping they are as good as the hype.

Have a good Christmas and a rockin' New Year.


Anonymous said...

Sounds from the review that there may have been upwards of 7 people at the aging Brit-rockers gig. Impressive. Thunder, Thunder, Thunder.

VodkaWhip said...

I went to "One" of their Farewell gigs in Bristol in about 1806. They're clearly going for Status Quo's record of final tours.