Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Message from DV

Yes the composer of the whip anthem "Forever Young" has been in touch, the one and only Danny Vaughn is amongst the recent visitors to

"That brings a smile to my face, as did your web site. Man, we all have embarassing hair pictures from our past, don't we?
All the best for the holidays, "
Danny Vaughn


Anonymous said...

I hope he was able to read the original post

that contains DV related material

VodkaWhip said...

Amazing. God knows how he found the site. Even search for Vodka, Tyketto and Forever Young doesn't find it.

Impressive visitation form the man though.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr T is in email contact with the man and suggested he take a gander.

Be a shame if he missed the "Forever Young" post though even if the dodgy lyrics have been replaced by the originals. There are good lean back quips in their. For the Father of the leanback to have tuned in is quite something though LOL.

To think he has seen the Klingon shots is amusing. I suspect, from his email, that he believes they may be real photos and that Mr R is DLR aged 55 and that Mr T does look like a Klingon.