Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pure Gold from Danny Vaughn - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 7th May 2007

Today (8th May) working has been a struggle due to the effects of a a gig, a few pints and a late night. This struggle was worth it as last night the Miester Danny Vaughn put in a storming performance at the Rescue Rooms Nottingham. Dante Fox must be mentioned at this point as they too performed strongly in support. Following 30 minutes or so from the Fox, Danny and band played a long set (some 1 hour 45 minutes). The show opened at a blistering pace, not pausing between the first three songs for applause. After a finely crafted set incorporating a fine mix of Vaughn numbers from all three albums, focusing on Traveller, the new release, blended with a substantial number of Tyketto classics, the crowd were brought to a near climax as Danny and co finished with 'Wings' before the encore. Following a sort pause, Danny and band returned for a few more numbers, closing and climaxing the crowd on what else but the legendary 'Forever Young'.

An additional bonus was that Mr T (sporting some additional head cover) was seen playing lead guitar along side the great man himself. A publicity photograph is shown below which although shows some resemblance, is nowhere near as good as the 'lookalike' factor in the flesh, which I have to say was remarkable.

Mr T's stunt double

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