Monday, May 07, 2007

Sheffield (Whip on Tour) 27th April 2007 - Sheffield Casbah

The Casbah is a decent venue, the fact that it was located in the same block as our hotel being an unexpected bonus on this occasion.

The unusual aspect about this club is the bar upstairs that feels just like, well a bar, the room downstairs is very much a club style room though. We were surprised to find that this room wasn't open when we arrived a little after 11pm. A number of the rockier elements of the clientele were looking slightly uncomfortable in the bar with a selection of indie style music filling the air.

At 11:30 the barrier was opened and the Whip contingent were the first down the stairs, straight onto the dancefloor for Extreme's Get The Funk Out. The music early on was of suitable whip style, later on the heavier side of rock was merged in although a few tracks still enticed us on to the floor.

Notable other attractions included the young lady with the flashing sign, yes I would have bought you a drink if you hadn't made a mistake with your grammar!, and the young lady giving her boyfriend an entertaining lapdance. A fine selection of vodka based drinks was on offer at reasonable prices.

A slightly early bolt for the door was instigated by one of our number, provoking a ripping from the security on the way out. Still with the lack of energy on Saturday morning anyway, it may have been wise...

All in all a fine venue, a slightly higher proportion of cock rock in the DJs collection wouldn't go amiss though!

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