Monday, May 21, 2007

Nottingham Rock City - Is it still rock?

A crisis has hit Vodka Whip towers, it was bad enough when news reached us that our beloved 80's/90's rock had been cornered into one Friday night a month. But now it seems that while the main rock/alternative night is back on a Saturday, there is a lack of the hair rock we worship.

This is grave news as it may threaten the frequency of future visits to the spiritual home of the whip, so we need YOUR help...

If you are reading this the chances are you found our page thanks to a mention of one of the rock bands we love. If you have visited Rock City in the last few months, please post a comment or email us ( to tell us what the chances are of hearing those bands on a Saturday (or indeed Friday if our info is wrong) night.

Your input will be very much appreciated, for information leading to a successful whip visit we'll buy you a drink (vodka based of course) in Rock City itself.

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