Sunday, October 08, 2006

Birmingham Whip October 7th 2006: Moskovskaya vodka

Saturday's vodka of choice was a cheeky Russian import by the name of Moskovskaya vodka. As tradition dictates, the one litre bottle was drunk at one sitting.

Moskovskaya Vodka means "Moscow Vodka".
This style (vodka style from Russia) has been produced for over eight hundred years and is imported from the Ukraine. This vodka has a clean citrus aroma and thin in texture. It is warming without harshness and very smooth.

Vodka from Ukraine.
700 ml/24 oz
Alcohol 40%
Nice aroma
Good warm taste

Also smooth there was a reasonably high burn factor. A large selection of mixers were available but mainly consisted of a number of different varieties of juice as well as numerous energy drinks. A fine vodka.

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