Thursday, October 26, 2006

A few days away (non-Whip)

Have just been away for a few days in sunny (?) Hunstanton, narrowly missed by a crashing Tornado while there!

Took the opportunity for a little play on the fruits in the pier arcade.
Firstly tried out Wildside, awful machine, main aim is to get numbers on the trail to get the feature. Very few opportunities given to make use of the feature and therefore little return. Avoidance is recommended.

Much better gameplay was found on Saturday Night Beaver, lots of opportunities to get into the feature and if you light all 3 beavers again then there is an extra High-Low trail which you can climb without being dumped out of the main feature. Be warned that when you do lose on the high-low then it seems that Game Over on the main feature is not far away. A nice touch is the ability to gamble the continue option when you land on a question mark so you can try avoiding the dreaded Roll Even or Yes/No options.


VodkaWhip said...

Impressive fruit review. Need to download a screenshot really to get the full flavour.

VodkaWhip said...

Did a search on google but could not find a screen shot, any ideas?