Monday, October 09, 2006

The Origins of the Whip

The term Vodka Whip may be new to most people so here is brief history of the concept.

The term Vodka Whip was originally coined from the idea of Whipping yourself and others into a state of frenzy by combining the consumption of vodka based drinks with listening to Rock music and preferably watching rock videos. This is done at a suitable house in the early evening preceding a weekend night out, with the goal of enhancing the enjoyment of the participants. It is then followed by pub visits, culminating ultimately in a visit to a Rock based night club where a state of euphoria is achieved, typically resulting in a drunken state of wild dancing, raucous singing and punching the air.

It is easy to spot people in a nightclub who have been to a whip by their general state of disorientation and lack of inhibitions. Do not be intimidated by them though as it is all good natured harmless fun!

Originating in a suburb of Nottingham, there are now whips the length and breadth of the country from Yeovil to Manchester and Birmingham to Colchester.

The music driving a typical whip tends to be mainly American "Hair Rock" dating from the eighties and early nineties such as Bon Jovi or Guns n Roses and the lesser known but equally good bands of the era such as Firehouse, Tyketto and Danger Danger.

So in conclusion the Vodka Whip is a celebration of a specific but never the less important period in music history, fuelled by the power of Russia finest export.


VodkaWhip said...

The right dishonerable member for Yeovil would like to point out that there has in fact been only one Yeovil-based whip. This occurred in the year 2000, was for the Stag weekend of another dishonourable member, and lasted 72 hours. All 5 "Master-Whippers" were present and over 20 apprentices came and went. The casualties were horrendous. Since then Yeovil town Council has passed several bylaws outlawing Whipping. Besides, the only "Rock" you have here is the Chicago nightclub kind and you're lucky to get the first 47 seconds of "Summer of '69" in there before the DJ cuts a Tiffany song over it.

VodkaWhip said...

Wise words right dishonerable member from Yeovil. A Yeovil based whip is long voer due although the shortage of a rock-orientated venue does make it rather more tricky.