Friday, October 27, 2006

The Home of the Whip

The Vodka Whip has had many hosts over the years, but home is where the heart is and for the Whip that has to be Nottingham.

It all started in the late-80s in Netherfield. Veterans of the Whip's early days will tell more about those fledging Whips and the various locations for the early evening festivities. The Whip also had a home in Leicester around 1988-91 as well as visiting Sheffield and Birmingham.

My first encounter with the Vodka Whip was at it's mid-nineties home in Lenton, hazy memories of Prince Consort and Kia-Ora, whip tunes being played from a cassette tape (remember them), and a two hundred mile round trip on my Honda H100.

The Lord was the host with the most in those days, life and work then taking him, and the Whip, to Manchester. The Vodka Whip found temporary bases in Rusholme and then Chorlton. Meanwhile the Nottingham Whip found a new home in Beeston, keeping it's roots firmly intact.

It was also during this time that the Whip ventured out to far flung places, Philthy's house warming Whip in Colchester and a Stag Whip took in the delights of Yeovil thanks to the hospitality of Sleazy.
Further trips out "on tour" have seen mini-Whips return to Sheffield (hosted at a highly recommended hotel but that's another post), back to Colchester for Philthy's 30th and the highly enjoyable Stag Whip At Butlin's Skegness.

In the meantime alongside the regular Whips in Nottingham, courtesy of Mr G, The Lord relocated to the vicinity of another former Whip venue visited, Birmingham. Whips now base themselves in the Studley area before heading into Birmingham itself, (see other posts for details of the most recent Whip), this has created a rather enjoyable new feature that has seen us taking in the Studley FC game on the Saturday afternoon prior to the Whip.

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