Monday, October 09, 2006

Vodka: A definition

An excellent summary of Vodka's main attributes from

The final paragraph is of interest and it appears that after 20 years of extensive testing that there just might be something in it. The relationship between hangovers and the quality of the vodka and the number of times it has been distilled will be discussed in later posts.

Vodka's neutral flavor makes it ideal for mixed drinks - and it is the most popular and most often used alcohol in almost any bartender's arsenal. Because of Vodka's inert flavor, vodkas and vodka drinks inherit the character of what they are mixed with and are extremely varied in character and flavor.

Because of it's chameleonic nature, Vodka comes in an amazing variety of flavors, and having the flavors imparted to the alcohol itself may make for a more complex and enjoyable drink. It is common to use these flavored vodkas to complement the mixers that are used, but it is often quite pleasant to mix a flavored vodka with plain soda water and a simple sweetener.

Although there is no scientific basis for this observation, it has been widely observed that Vodka seems less likely to impart a hangover.

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